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If I hadn’t encountered the term before, I probably would have avoided the social bookmarking part of my Learning Network course  – I was clearly too busy putting my kitchen pantry in Dewey order, or updating the MARC records for our daughter’s DVDs … the term “marking” still evokes a shudder, and “book marking” is perhaps the least sociable activity you can do in mixed company.

Luckily, social bookmarking is something entirely different. I’ve even done it before!

I’ve used a little, and used to look at the public bookmarks of a few esteemed colleagues. My problem with social bookmarking is that it takes too many clicks (and thus too much time) to bookmark a site or page. I’m a spoiled Mac user (uh-oh .. there go my last remaining followers …) and I just love the simplicity of bookmarking with the Safari browser:

Apple-D (i.e. Command-D for the proletariat) then choose a folder – press Return. Done.
I have lots of bookmark folders across my toolbar – some even have folders within folders – and all the sites I might want to visit again are in there.  e.g. My LIBRARIES folder has the subfolders LibraryBlogs, LibGuides, eBooks, LibraryManagement, Research … and so on. It’s a great way to organise bookmarks.

I’ve  tried Diigo, and there are things I like, and things I wonder about. I use the Diigolet (because Diigo haven’t developed the Safari plugin yet, and I am not changing browsers just for social bookmarking). I think there are too many steps involved in creating a bookmark. Some people will argue that it isn’t much different form creating bookmarks in Safari. I guess it isn’t – but I don’t like the time-lag with Diigo / Diigolet.

I’ve got a LOT of bookmarks. If I want to add them to another browser, I can import them to most, usually with a couple of clicks. There is probably a way to do that in Diigo. I haven’t found it yet.


2 thoughts on “Social Bookmarking

  1. You touch on an important aspect of these new tools- if they actually take more time up then they will often be cast aside very quickly. The Diigo/ Safari integration might need some work, but there are promising steps as Diigo have just released a web browser for the iPad call iChromy. This integrates with Diigo, Instapaper, Twitter and other tools and does make saving bookmarks much easier. We’ve had a play with it and it looks promising.

    You would expect that as the service grows the developers will begin to incorporate more functions and integration with each browser. Hopefully the developers read your blog.
    The PLN team

  2. Thanks for that – I must try it. I’m always looking for good excuses to be allowed to play with Mrs Infobrarian’s iPad …

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