So how was your holiday?

Readers of this blog (yes, both of you) could be forgiven for thinking I’ve been on an extended holiday. It’s been a long time between posts.¬†Usually at this time of year, I’m settling into a new semester, wondering why the school summer holiday always goes so fast. But this year there was no holiday for The Infobrarian …

A few weeks after my last blog post, I started a new job, as branch librarian at a new public library. Yes, public library! After more years than I’m willing to admit, I decided to leave the relatively cloistered life of school teaching and school libraries to join a real-world library. And I’m loving it! OK, so having no summer holiday came as a bit of a shock, but it’s been so busy – and so thoroughly engaging – that I really didn’t mind working right through December and January. We did get days off for Christmas, Boxing Day, New Year and of course Australia Day, but for the rest of the time, the new library was open Monday to Saturday.

As well as a shiny new library, we have lots of shiny new books, shiny new CDs and DVDs, and even iPads and eReaders (a bit of a trial run for our organisation). Best of all, I have a wonderful team to work with – half are new like me, and the others make up for our inexperience by being tried-and-proven public librarians. We have a Children and Youth Librarian, a Youth Services Officer, and 3 library officers. And me. After two months on the job I am feeling a little less of a liability, but it’s good to know the others are covering my back!

So I thought I’d revisit this blog and try to explain what it’s like being a branch librarian in a brand new library: challenging, daunting, rewarding, fulfilling, and above all, a lot of fun. And I have a few stories to tell – but all in good time. Maybe when I get that holiday!