Google Plus. Plus What?

I worry that I might be falling out of love with Google. I like their stuff, but I’m afraid that in their great mission to not be evil, they’ve slipped into the trap of being greedy. Very, very greedy. Now Google understands just how rich they can become by using very clever marketing. The more information they collect about each of us, the more accurate the profile that Google has of us. Google will know what we like, when we like it. And they will sell that to advertisers who will pay an awful lot of money to know what products I’m definitely going to buy this month, and what products I might buy if I’m in the right mood – and yes, Google will be able to tell them when I’m in the right mood – I’m sure there will be a tool in Google+ that is irresistible to the user and very informative to Google and its clients. It’s clever. It’s insidious. It may not be evil, but I don’t like it.


This was originally a comment on Stephen’s Lighthouse


2 thoughts on “Google Plus. Plus What?

    • I suppose I really shouldn’t worry about all this profiling – after all, I don’t care whether or not I’m bombarded with targetted advertising. What does concern me is that my search results have more to do with my profile than with (1) the available information; and (2) my skills at using Advanced Search.

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