Location, location, location

I’m trying to decide where to put things on this blog.

From what I can work out, most bloggers write a new post on their main page, or in the dashboard, and send it to their main page. They allocate it to one or more categories – then the post appears at the TOP of their blog, and on the top of any Category page.

That’s how it works in my school library:

Main page – gets every new post at the top

Books  – gets any new post labeled as “Books”

Technology – gets any new post labeled as “Technology”

Competitions – gets any new post labeled as “Competitions”

If I assign a new post to both Books and Technology, it will appear at the top of:

1. Main page      2. Books           3. Technology

Pages can be made a “sticky” – they stay at the top of their page, and new posts appear second in the list of posts.  We make “Recent Arrivals” a sticky for about a week.

I’d like to run this blog differently. I’d like my blog posts to appear only on the main page. On the About page, I put things about me (all those personal reflections from the first activity we did). On Ideas, I’ve got all my great ideas for blogging and using Web 2.0 tools. Umm  – it’s empty now, and might be for a while!

Is this the right way to operate a blog? Am I trying to make it more like a website? What is the right location for everything on a blog? Does it matter? Will I just confuse my readership? Do I have any readers?


2 thoughts on “Location, location, location

  1. You definitely have readers! The ‘right’ way to set up a blog is an interesting idea. If your blog has a clear focus, as yours does, then probably having each post appear on the main page is a good idea. Then if you think that there’s something more specific to add, you can put it in other sections that are accessible through the menu. If you look at the PLN blog page, we try to post all of the relevant posts on the front page, whereas specific information (help pages, FAQ etc) are accessible through the links at the top.
    Do other people agree? Is there really a right answer?
    Keep these great posts coming.
    The PLN team

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